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What is the future application of IC card? Is there a market for IC card
IC card (integrated circuit card) is also called smart card, intelligent card, microcircuit card or microchip card. It is to embed a microelectronic chip into a card base conforming to ISO 7816 standard and make it into a card form. This technology is applied to finance, transportation, medical treatment, identity certification and other industries. It combines microelectronics technology with computer technology, and improves the modernization of people's work and life.

However, nowadays, the smart phone has gradually replaced the traditional IC card, such as flash payment, bus and subway QR code, and electronic membership. You may ask, "Is IC card going out of the market?"

Of course not! Many places are still the application fields of IC, such as campus all-in-one card. At this stage, smart campus is gradually being promoted, and campus all-in-one card is one of the links. In today's smart campus, many things can be completed through an IC card, which can be designed as a student card and then bound with a meal card, water card, access card, bicycle unlocking card, library card, etc., so that students can use only one card on campus to achieve all the certification during school, Students can also use one card for multiple purposes during school, greatly reducing cost consumption. Moreover, the use of student all-in-one card is convenient for campus management, greatly improving information visualization, and making campus information management a simple task.

Let's take another example. For example, in the nursing home, we can match an IC card for the elderly, make records for the elderly when they go out, or register the elderly who need to take medicine regularly to record their health status, and we can also print the elderly information and contact information on the IC card to prevent the elderly from getting lost when they go out, and also add the functions you need, such as video screen, positioning, etc, There are many application examples like this, which can be solved through IC card. Through these. We can also understand that IC card will not withdraw from the market. It still has its own development space and more fields to develop. In these spaces, the use of IC card will have a new development direction.
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