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99 of people have misconceptions about RFID
For a long time, people have certain prejudices and stereotypes about RFID. It is generally believed that compared with barcode and QR code, RFID technology is updated, and equipment is more expensive and more difficult to achieve. But is that really the case?

[Sensitive words]: Is RFID an updated technology?

Many people think RFID is a new technology, but it is not. RFID is actually an older technology than barcode, which was invented in 1949. In fact, RFID has been used for military purposes as early as World War II.


The use cost of RFID is higher. It is generally believed that RFID devices are more expensive and tags are more expensive than barcode devices, so its operation cost is higher. But in fact, if we take into account the efficiency of RFID and the saving of human resources. In fact, RFID is often cheaper than barcode systems.


Many people think it is difficult and expensive to try RFID system. In fact, many companies offer free RFID test tags, and the full test package is not expensive. For example, Huayuan Smart provides a product experience package of less than 100 yuan. And now many mobile phones have NFC function, that is to say, many mobile phones have the function of RFID card reader.


Many people think RFID is a single technology, but in fact, in terms of frequency, RFID can be divided into low frequency, high frequency, ultra-high frequency, even ultra bandwidth and other frequencies. RFID of different frequencies varies greatly in terms of technical means, manifestations and applications.
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