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  Contact Card
Contact IC Card(Printed Card)

Contact card (IC card) are capable of guarding against magnetism and static electricity,

combating vandalism, providing long term durability, beating card fraud and securing the stored data (encryption is also possible). The data storage capacity is big. The cost of application equipment and network system environment is low. There is a complete set of varieties of models. Technologies and characteristics are matured. People begin to treat its extremely high security seriously. IC cards have already replaced both the magnetic stripe cards and other data storage cards in a widespread of areas.


 Available Chip

1.Siemens series

SLE4406, SLE4442, SLE4428, SLE4404, SLE4418, SLE4432.

2. Atmel series

AT24C01, AT24C02, AT24C04 AT24C16, AT24C64, AT88SC102.

Data Retention: more than 10 years, EEPROM Endurance minimum 100,000 erases / writes cycles

3. Available Material


4. Operating Temp

-20 to +60  (PET: up to 90 )

5. Card Surface


6. Dimensions

85.60 mm*53.98mm *0.8mm, or other dimensions according to clients  demand Standard: Comply with ISO 7810, 7816

7. Available Artwork

Dual sides 4 color printing, Golden Ink, Silver Ink, Silk-screen printing, Numbering, Barcode printing, Signature panel, Embossing, magnetic stripe or more other Personalized design.

8. Application

Anti counterfeit, security area, hotel key card, pre-payment, Access control, hotel locks, staff attendance and salary management, school campus access/payment control, identification/security system, parking lot (entry and payment) management, social security management.

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