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Answers to Seven Frequently Asked Questions about RFID Reader
How does an RFID reader work?

Let's first explain the basics of RFID. RFID system basically uses three components: tag, antenna and reader. A label usually has an object attached to it. It contains a [sensitive word] identifier. The antenna detects the tag through the magnetic field it generates. The reader receives tag information and processes it. The label information may be, for example, an identification number. This paper focuses on RFID reader.

Is RFID the same as NFC? Or what's the difference?

RFID is different from NFC. RFID stands for radio frequency identification. NFC is short and near field communication. However, you can say that NFC tags are a form of RFID.

NFC is shorter than RFID
NFC can be used in different ways, such as using your smartphone or smart watch to pay
RFID can be used to store and send information in one way, but NFC can be used in three different ways:
NFC tag (passive mode)
NFC label (active mode)
Between NFC labels (point-to-point)

Can my mobile phone be used as an RFID tag?

Yes, you can use your phone as an RFID tag. For Android or Windows phones, you can enable NFC. For Apple, you need to enable Bluetooth. Traditionally, RFID tags are smart cards, badges, or tickets. Nowadays, smart phones can also be used as RFID tags.


Where are RFID readers used?
Examples of situations where RFID readers can be used: when entering a building or at a speed bump near a door; Identify yourself on the company's computer; Release the print job from the MFP, that is, the so-called safe release; Identify drivers in taxis or shared company cars; Start the machine safely; Charging electric vehicles (such as cars or motors); Buy lollipops at the school vending machine

Can RFID readers also write?
Although the term RFID reader is widely used, RFID readers can actually write new information on RFID tags. Of course, there may be obstacles.

What is the reading range of [sensitive words] of passive RFID reader?

Of course, it depends, but generally speaking, you can say that RFID tags can be read from 8 meters, while NFC tags can be read from the longest distance. 10 cm. The strength of the antenna is decisive for the reading range of [sensitive words] and the environment where RFID readers are installed.

What are the trends of RFID readers [sensitive words]?
Traditionally, RFID readers have been used for secure printing. However, the scope of application is much wider:

Contactless authentication solution
Covid is looking for more and more non-contact solutions, especially when more people use the same reader for authentication.

Move credentials

More and more companies no longer want to rely solely on smart cards to access their premises or facilities. Companies prefer to stop using key card systems and move to mobile access. Smart phones that are not easy to forget are more secure and offer the possibility of adding an additional security layer, which is called multifactor recognition.

Multi factor identification
As hackers use ransomware to hold companies hostage, the need to make corporate networks and computers connected to them more secure has increased significantly. Adding an RFID reader as an additional means of authentication, such as a PC, can reduce the possibility of computer intrusion by hackers. Two factor identification is a form of multifactor identification, which means meeting two of the following factors:

Things you know, such as passwords or user names
Biometric features
What you have: This could be a key card, a smartphone, a trusted device, or other hardware token.
Other factors may be location or time.
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